In Her Words

Letter from E. A. Engler to Julia C. Stimson, April 7, 1914

In April 1914 Edmund Arthur Engler, treasurer and secretary of the Washington University Corporation, formally offered Julia C. Stimson the position of head of both the Departments of Nursing and Social Service. Stimson had come to St. Louis in October 1911 to head the Department of Social Service, which served patients at both Washington University Hospital and St. Louis Children’s Hospital. When the position of superintendent of nurses for the Washington University Training School for Nurses became available, Stimson argued successfully that the nursing school and social service department should be combined and headed by one person.

This “experiment” in organization was discontinued in 1916. Stimson remained superintendent of the Training School of Nurses until she departed with Base Hospital 21 in May 1917 to serve in France during the Great War.

Letter from E.A. Engler to Julia C. Stimson, 4/7/1914