Health Professions

Medical Social Service “Map,” 1912

This illustration was included on the inside front cover of the First Annual Report of the Social Service Department of St. Louis Children’s Hospital and Washington University Hospital. The report covered the period October 16, 1911 to November 1, 1912. This fictitious map illustrates the role of medical social work. On the top of the map is the continent of “Land of Normal Living.” Off the shores of the Land of Normal Living are the “Sea of Sickness” and “Shoals of Trouble,” with small islands marked with problems such as “need of special institutional care” and “need of protection from moral exposure.” The “Island of Hospital Care” is in the middle. “Hospital Social Service” is the connecting road leading from the Sea of Sickness and the Shoals of Trouble, through the Island of Hospital Care, and on to the Land of Normal Living.

Medical Social Service Map, 1912