Ruth Silberberg (1906-1997)

Ruth Silberberg
Ruth Silberberg, 1967

Ruth Silberberg, a native of Germany, was associated with the Washington University School of Medicine for over 60 years. She devoted her career to the pathology of aging, becoming an internationally recognized authority on degenerative arthritis. She authored or co-authored almost 200 scientific publications over the course of her career.

Ruth Silberberg received her medical degree from the University of Breslau in 1931. She trained in pathology at the University until 1934, when she and her husband, Martin Silberberg, MD, fled to Canada to escape emerging Nazism. They conducted research in pathology at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia until 1936, when they moved to St. Louis to join the Department of Pathology at the Washington University School of Medicine. After a four-year fellowship at New York University in the early 1940s, both Ruth and Martin Silberberg returned to Washington University as instructors in Pathology. They often collaborated on research until Martin Silberberg’s death in 1966. Ruth Silberberg was promoted to assistant professor of Pathology in 1950, to associate professor in Pathology in 1957, and to professor of Pathology in 1968. Silberberg became professor emeritus of Pathology and lecturer in 1975. A few years later Silberberg emigrated to Israel, where she remained active in medical research until her death in 1997.