Ruth E. Martin (1896-1976)

Ruth E. Martin
Ruth E. Martin, 1947

Ruth E. Martin, a 1923 graduate of the Washington University School of Dentistry, was a pioneer in the field of dentistry for children. She joined the faculty of the University in 1927 as an instructor, and rose through the ranks in teaching to professor and then head of the Pedodontic Department. In addition Dr. Martin was on the faculty of the Washington University School of Medicine, dentist in the Department of Pediatrics at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, and on the consulting staffs of Barnes, Homer G. Phillips and City Hospitals. Martin retired as professor emeritus of Pedodontics from the School of Dentistry and as assistant professor emeritus (Dentistry) from the School of Medicine in 1959. Among her many honors, Dr. Martin was a charter member of the American Board of Pedodontics and of the American Academy of Pedodontics; one of the first women to be admitted to the American College of Dentists; president of the American Association of Women Dentists; and national treasurer of the American Society of Dentistry for Children. In 1954 Martin was elected chairman of the St. Louis section of the American College of Dentists – at the time, Martin was the only woman member of the local section.

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