Exploring Object Virtual Reality
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Online Exhibits Using Object VR

“The Bones of the Skull”
Hardin Library for the Health Sciences
University of Iowa

“Eternal Egypt”

“Gateway to Maya Art and Archaeology in the Popol Vuh Museum”
Museo Popol Vuh
Guatemala City

“Idojiri’s Jomon Potteries”
Idojiri Archeological Museum
Fujimicho, Nagano, Japan

Nakasato Virtual Museum
Nakasato Dinosaur Museum

“The Precolumbian Collection”
C. E. Smith Museum of Anthropology
California State University – East Bay

Professional Photography of Pre-Hispanic Maya Art, Artifacts, and Antiquities in Honduras
The Copan Museum

“QuickTime VR (QTVR) Artifact Photography at the National Air and Space Museum's Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center”
Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

“Seasons of the Kachina”
C. E. Smith Museum of Anthropology
California State University – East Bay

“Turning Wood into Art: The Jane and Arthur Mason Collection”
The Mint Museum of Art
Charlotte, North Carolina

Virtual Collection of the Provincial Museum of Alberta
Royal Alberta Musuem
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Virtual Reality Collection of the Perseus Digital Library
Tufts University


Online & Print Resources on Object VR

Apple QuickTime, Version 7 (for Windows)

Apple QuickTime, Version 7 (for Mac OS X)

Apple QuickTime VR

Chen, Shenchang Eric. (1995). QuickTime VR – an image-based approach to virtual environment navigation.

Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Department of Plant Pathology Photo Lab. A technical and artistic resource for scientific photography in the digital age.

Creating QTVR Object Movies

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International VR Photography Association

Kaidan Incorporated

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QuickTime Resources

QuickTime Virtual Reality for Educators and Just Plain Folks

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Virtual Reality Photography

VR ObjectWorx

VR Toolbox QTVR Links


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