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Chief staff members, Base Hospital 21, 1943
Primary staff members of Base Hospital 21 included, from left to right: Dr. Walter Fischel, Dr. Fred T. Murphy, Dr. M.B. Clopton, Julia Stimson, and Dr. Borden S. Veeder. Major J.D. Fife, of the regular Army Medical Corps, was the first commanding officer of Base Hospital 21. He remained with the unit until October 18, 1917, when he was ordered to the office of the Chief Surgeon of the A.E.F. He was succeeded in command by Major Fred T. Murphy, who had been director of the medical work and serving on a surgical team. Murphy remained with the unit until May 15, 1918, when he was transferred to the A.E.F., and later became head of the Medical and Surgical Service of the Red Cross. Lt. Col. Borden S. Veeder was placed in command on Col. Murphy's departure and remained in charge until the unit was demobilized at Camp Funston on May 3, 1919. Walter Fischel served as head of Base Hospital 21’s Medical Service throughout the entire mobilization of the unit. Malvern Clopton served as chief of the Surgical Service until July 1, 1918, when he left the unit to organize and take command of Mobile Hospital 4. Julia Stimson served as Chief Nurse of Base Hospital 21 until April 1918, when she left to become head of the Red Cross Nursing Service and later Chief Nurse of the A.E.F. Photograph taken in 1943 on the steps of Christ Church Cathedral in St. Louis at the 25th Anniversary of Base Hospital 21.