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Blood bank, 21st General Hospital, 1945
Blood bank at the 21st General Hospital, Ravenel Hospital, Mirecourt, France. Lt. Col. Harry Agress set up the unit’s first Blood Bank in January 1943, while the unit was stationed in North Africa. In France alone, almost 7,000 blood transfusions were given – on some days over 100 units were supplied and administered by the Blood Bank. A total of 11,258 blood transfusions were given by the 21st General Hospital over the course of the war. Standing, from left to right: German female POWs, Pfc. Albert A. Lustig, 1st Lt. Arthur P. Dunnigan (behind Pfc. Lustig), and T/4 Clarence W. Grosz. Seated, from left to right: Major Abe A. Bolotin, T/5 Thomas W. Western, T/4 William F. Kelly, Major Lucille S. Spalding, Capt. Dorothy E. Krog, Pvt. Charles Wells, and Lt. Col. Harry Agress. Photograph taken in August 1945.