Washington University School of Dental Medicine

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Missouri Dental College, 1866-1892
Home of the Missouri Dental College, 7th and Clark Streets, 1866-1892.
Published histories of the dental school differ as to the location of the first home of the Missouri Dental College. Several indicate a location from 1866-1875 of Seventh and either Spruce or Myrtle Streets. The name of Myrtle Street was changed to Clark Street in 1884. (Spruce and Clark Streets run parallel to each other and are one block apart.) Some sources indicate that the school occupied the same location from its first classes in 1866 until the move to 1814 Locust Street in 1892. The minutes of the meetings of the Executive Committee of the Faculty do not mention the school moving in 1875; however, the clinic facilities used by the Missouri Dental College did move at that time.