Bernard Becker Collection in Ophthalmology



Print 1

Marlé, engr.

Pie. VII. visitant l’Institution des aveugles-nés dirigée par M. Bertrand successeur de M. Haüy, le jeudi 28. fevrier 1805. Paris: Chez l’auteur, [1805].

Aquatint engraving; 261 x 464 mm.

Print 2

Engelbrecht, Martin, 1684-1756, engr.

Faiseur des lunettes. Ein Brillenmacher oder Glass-Schleiffer.

Copperplate engraving; 302 x 193 mm.

Plate no. 153 from Engelbrecht’s Assemblage nouveau des manouvries habilles, published at Augsburg circa 1730. The print is hand-colored, with legend in both French and German.

Print 3

Engelbrecht, Martin, 1684-1756, engr.

Faiseuse de lunettes. Die Brillenmacherin.

Copperplate engraving; 304 x 194 mm.

Plate no. 154 from Engelbrecht’s Assemblage nouveau des manouvries habilles. published at Augsburg circa 1730. Hand-colored, with legend in French and German.

Print 4

L’Armessin, Nicholas de, III, 1640-1725, engr.

Habit de marchand miroitier lunettier. Paris: N. de L’Armessin, ca. 1700.

Copperplate engraving; 282 x 195 mm.

Hand-colored engraving from L’Armessin’s Album des métiers. It was reproduced as the frontispiece to Mme. Heymann’s Lunettes et lorgnettes de jadis (190).

Print 5

Boudt, Cornelis de, engr.

S. Lucia. Ca. 1700.

Copperplate engraving; 90 x 61 mm.

St. Lucy, the 4th century Sicilian martyr, is the patroness of the eyes. As in this print and the following (6), St. Lucy is frequently portrayed holding two eyes on a plate, and a sword or dagger. Hand-colored.

Print 6

Boudt, Cornelis de, engr.

S. Lucia. Ca. 1700.

Copperplate engraving; 86 x 61 mm.

Identical with print 5. Boudt’s signature and the plate marks have been cropped off. Hand-colored.

Print 7

Man, Jacobus de, b. 1688, engr.

S. Lucia. 18th century.

Copperplate engraving; 109 x 84 mm.

In this hand-colored engraving, Saint Lucy is depicted with several of the traditional symbols of her iconography: the two eyes on a dish, the palm of martyrdom, and the sword.

Print 8


S. Lucia. 18th century.

Copperplate engraving; 84 x 51 mm.

In this engraving Saint Lucy bears several of the symbols with which she is traditionally depicted: the palm of martyrdom, the pair of eyes, and a book. In this instance however, the eyes, which typically appear on a dish, rest on the cover of the book.

Print 9


[Saint Lucy]. 20th century.

Woodcut; 193 x 193 mm.

Contemporary woodblock print on Japanese tissue paper. St. Lucy bears the traditional plate with two eyes and the palm of martyrdom. This print appeared as the frontispiece to the first edition of this catalog.

Print 10

Daumier, Honoré Victorin, 1808-1879.

L’oeil du maître. Paris: Le Charivari, 1842.

Lithograph; 359 x 237 mm.

Number 58 in the Moeurs conjugales series, published in Le Charivari September 16, 1842.

Delteil 681, 3rd state.

Print 11

Daumier, Honoré Victorin, 1808-1879.

Un oculiste breveté. Paris: Aubert, ca. 1837.

Lithograph; 235 x 224 mm.

Hand-colored lithograph. No. 55 of the Caricaturana series, lithographed by Daumier with legends by Charles Philipon (1800-1862). This series was also published between 1836 and 1838 in Le Charivari, the radical periodical edited by Philipon.

Delteil 410; Mondor 9.

Print 12

Jacque, Charles, 1813-1894.

L’oculiste. Paris: Pannier, [n.d.]

Lithograph; 272 x 177 mm.

No. 18 of Les malades et les médecins series.

Print 13


[Instruments for eye operation]. 18th century.

Copperplate engraving; 237 x 171 mm.

Plate (numbered LXXIV) from an unidentified French surgical text of the 18th century.

Print 14

Ostade, Adrian van, 1610-1685, engr.

[The spectacle seller]. Ca. 1650.

Etching; 101 x 86 mm.

Print 15

Bartisch, Georg, 1535-1607?

[Facsimile illustrations from the Augendienst].

21 photographs; measurements vary.

Twenty-one framed photographs from the series of ninety-one woodblock prints that illustrate Bartisch’s 1583 Augendienst. The blocks were probably cut by Hans Hewamaul after Bartisch’s own drawings.

Print 16

Rembrandt, Hermanszoon van Rijn, 1607-1669.

The operation of stone cutting. Ca. 1651-52.

Photograph; 101 x 86 mm.

Photographic reproduction of pen and bistre wash drawing (orig. size 243 x 188 mm) sometimes erroneously identified as "The eye operation".

Benesch 1154: figure 1376.

Print 17


[Indian coucher of the l9th century].

Photograph; 116 x 90 mm.

Color reproduction of a water-color dating from the siege of Delhi.

Print 18

Schedel, Hartmann, 1440-1514.

Liber chronicarum. Nuremberg: Anton Koberger, 1493.

Leaf CCXXXVI; 42 cm.

The woodcut male figure holding a pair of spectacles at the bottom right of the verso of this leaf is one of the earliest representations of a figure with spectacles to appear in a printed book.